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'The Nightmare King warned me that following the shadows could lead me to strange places… strange worlds.'
for my lovely waifu hope-for-snow <3 here is the-king-frost relaxing with Hiccup and Toothless. i don’t usually take up painting but this was fun all the same. but i also want to die so its rly eh //flops
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pink panther cakes ✿

榎本贵音&九ノ瀬遥❤ by xsong

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Blouse - 海军领刺绣衬衫¥118.00
Skirt - 贝壳刺绣BaBy蓝制服背带裙¥128.00

hey guys.. this is my cat gregor and he is very old (between 12 and 16 years old) his owner passed away and he lived a few weeks in the apartment of his dead friend with a dog. the dog was so ill he had to be put down..after he was found he lived a few more days in a bathroom because the guy who rescued him has 3 dogs and they didn’t got along with each now he lives with me and i do anything for him to feel better.he had fleas and was very durty when i got him.his teeth are very, very bad, and it is very painful for him. he is in pain constantly… even drinking water hurts and he only can eat canned food, wich is not good for him because he already is overwighted. in the few days he lived in the bathroom he hadn’t eaten anything because the guy who rescued him only had dry food.i went to the veterinarian with him and he told me that the surgical extraction for his teeth would cost around 300 and 400 i’m a student and i cannot afford it. also i don’t want to put him in an animal centre because i think nobody would like to adopt him because of his age and his fur wich has suffered because of the it is very embrassing for me to ask but:please please help me. i installed a paypal donation account you can find it here
it would mean so much to me if you could help me. every cent helps and when you don’t want to donate please please reblog this post!
thank you so much.(please apologize my english, it is not my native language but i hope you can understand what i wanted to say here..)
i know i posted this is few month ago. i haven’t gained enough money to pay the surgery and i was afraid this post and my askings would annoy you so i deleted the post… but i was at the vet again a few days ago and the doctor said that when the surgery wouldn’t be done he would never have a good live. he also said that the teeth could cause other deseases so i’m very worried about my gregor.
his fur really looks better since i got him and he can go in my garden and i think he lives a happy life after his terrible past.
i am so sorry to annoy you again with this but i can’t even pay food for myself, i live from noodles and bread uwu

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Attack of the Koala no March